Pool Table Movers

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Does the safety of your pool table rank high on your concerns when making a move? The Metropolitan Movers Durham has extended their services to now include moving pool tables for people and companies.
This company is unique in the fact that it offers moving services for a wider range of objects, such as pool tables, which some companies won’t move due to the size and weight. The company takes every precaution when moving any property for its clients, including wrapping and padding the objects for added protection.
Our movers are well versed in the precautions that must be taken when moving a pool table. They know that the felt top is very susceptible to damage and staining, so they use every method known to wrap and protect the felt.
Our company is the first choice for many when deciding who to pick to move their objects, especially pool tables. The following are a few reasons our movers excel in hauling pool tables:
While our movers will take every precaution they know, there is no guarantee your pool table will arrive in perfect condition, which is a given with any moving company. Our company does guarantee that our movers use every skill they know in order to prevent any damage.
Our company can help move a pool table for someone who is moving from one home or business to another, and we also offer services to move a pool table if it is simply being sold to someone else.

If you would like to get a free quote or additional information call us at (289) 274-2064. We offer qualified associates that will guarantee that your pool table and other merchandise arrive at your location in a timely manner.