Moving Your Pool Table With Care

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Pool table movers are experts at what they do, and it’s a pretty good thing, too. Pool tables are hefty, and they can be very fragile. Moving a pool table is not easy, and if you try to do it yourself, you may damage it. It’s worth the money to invest in a good pool table moving company for help.

Pool table movers can help with disassembly, moving, and reassembly. If you’re looking for billiard table moving, snooker table moving, or bumper pool table moving, they can handle that, too.


To prepare for moving, you first have to disassemble the pool table. Perhaps you know how to do this because you’ve done it before. You’ve gathered up all of your tools, and you’re ready to get started, making it easier and quicker for the movers, once they arrive.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Staple remover
  • Screwdriver
  • socket wrench
  • power drill
  • Friends

First, take the pockets off by removing the staples or unscrewing them from the table. Then remove the side rails with your socket wrench. They should come off quickly once you remove the bolts. Label each part as you go.

Remove the felt top by carefully removing each staple that holds it in place. Don’t rip the felt during the process. Pack it away gently. Now that you’ve revealed the slates, it’s time to remove them. Bear in mind that they can weigh 450 pounds each. Gather your friends to help.

Use a power drill to remove the slates. Once the pockets, rails, and slates are removed, you can detach the legs from the body. Remove the legs one at a time from the mainframe. It might be easier to turn the whole thing upside down.

If this all sounds too complicated, you can always enlist the help of a professional to help you out. Professionals have experience taking pool tables apart and moving them with care. They also have insurance, so if they break the pool table, you’ll be able to get it fixed at no cost to you. If you try to move it yourself and you break it, you’re on your own when it comes to repairs.

On Wheels

Some pool tables have wheels, which makes them much easier to move. If that’s the case and it will fit through your doorways, you may be able to move it yourself. However, this is unlikely, because pool tables are very wide, and unless you have extra-wide doors, you will likely have to turn it on its side or disassemble it. If you’re simply moving your pool table across the room or to another area of your home, you may be able to manage moving it on its wheels without taking it apart. Moving it on its wheels is much less risky than moving it up and down stairs or across town.

If you choose not to disassemble your pool table before moving it, but it doesn’t have wheels, you must find a way to roll it around rather than carrying it through doorways. Pool tables are incredibly heavy, and without wheels, you risk dropping and breaking it. You also risk bumping into walls and damaging other structures around the pool table.

If your pool table fits through the doors upright, you could put it on casters to roll it through. If it doesn’t fit, you may need to gently turn it on its side before setting it on a wheeled platform to move it around.

Disassembling your pool table before moving it is always the best option. However, even if you do this, you still will want to put the slates on wheels because they’re so heavy. You still risk dropping and breaking this critical (and expensive) component of your pool table if you try to carry it everywhere.

Time to the Professionals

Leave moving your pool table to the professionals. We’re the best pool table movers Durham has to offer and can take care of the entire process from start to finish. We will disassemble, move, and reassemble your pool table with care, so you don’t have to worry about it.

We are fully insured to move all types of pool tables, and you can trust us to do it right.